Windshield Repair

If your windshield is cracked or chipped then you need to get it repaired right away! Not only can this be a persistent hazard, but left un-checked the damage can become larger over time, meaning that your windshield will need to be replaced, which is a lot more costly than a windshield repair.

windshield repair

Garland Glass Company

Most of the time, a vehicle’s windshield will suffer from small chips and cracks which are caused by debris which is ejected into the air by passing vehicles or construction activity that may be going on in the vicinity. Our windshield repair services are the best that you can find in Garland, we can help you repair that crack before it turns into a big, costly problem.

Type of Windshield Repair We Do

Depending on the nature of the impact, your windscreen can have a variety of different damages, but not limited to these types of rock chips. Not to mention our company only uses the finest resin material available when doing the windshield repairs. With all our repairs you can also schedule free mobile service.windshield repair

Bull’s Eye: Usually have a diameter of no more than 1 inch and have concentric lines radiating from the point of impact.

Star Break: These have a central point of impact with lines propagating from it.

Half Moon: This is also known as partial bull’s eye type damage.

Combination Break: Most combination breaks will look like a bull’s eye with star-like streaks in the middle.

Our repair experts are adept at curing all of these windscreen damages. The repair process begins with sucking the trapped air out of the damaged area; we then fill it with a special resin which is designed to add structural strength to the glass while helping it maintain visibility.

Garland Auto Glass Repair & Insurance

Most insurance companies will also waiver off most of these damages in order to encourage the owner to get the damages repaired quickly, so know that you can get your auto glass repaired at no extra cost to you as long as the damage is small. Inquire about our windshield replacement for lager repairs.

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